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Pineal Tweaking

Another new track – this time using bebot, audacity and soundstretch.
I can’t really explain what was going through my head at the time – I was just trying to capture a particular state of mind :0)

The sample at the beginning and end was the old ATV ident from the 70’s, back from the days when there were only 3 channels, test cards and a midnight curfew.
It’s on soundcloud if you want to have a listen.



I have posted another track I did this evening onto soundcloud ( and my user name is noimspartacus.)
I used an iphone app called Bebot ( and recorded it through audiomulch ( Bebot is a cute little synth that produces theremin like tones. If you max out the echo settings you get some nice metallic squeals. I wanted to create something harsh and abrasive but the end result turned out more melodic (to my ears at least). It’ll still give you a headache but unfortunately won’t induce nose bleeds or loss of bodily functions.
Audiomulch is one of my favourite programs although it’s been a while since I used it last. It is very good for live manipulation of audio data and it can easily warp material into unrecognisable forms. You can download the program and try before you buy for a couple of months. It’s also a very unfussy vst host and pretty stable to boot.

Dora vs Baby Driver

I’ve done a piece using the results of bending the circuits of the above toys and using electribe on the Ipad as a backing. It’s noisy and sloppy, (it took me a couple of hours to record and arrange) but it made me laugh.

To hear this piece of toy torture go to and I’m listed as noimspartacus.


Today we did circuit bending. Ever since seeing modified toy orchestra I’ve wanted to try this but had been put off by the thought of soldering. I seem to jinx electrical components and circuits that I’ve built myself so I thought I wouldn’t be able to coax anything useful from the toy.
I got a cheap driving wheel with very low fi samples and took the back off. I wetted a finger and drew it across the contacts until I found I could speed and slow down the play back by rocking my finger. I also managed to wring out some really distressed squealing noises from the circuit board.
I’ve sampled my efforts and will clean them up and arrange them later this week.
I’m looking forward to hitting the charity shops and stocking up on cheap toys.
In the mean time here’s a link to a circuit bending site with plenty of advice and ideas.

The Residents

Some clips of my favourite band at ATP. I was getting so into their act I started getting synaesthesia towards the end, I started to see the bass lines as vibrating red braids of light. Unfortunatley the clip doesn’t have quite the same effect 😦

For session 3 we went out with our soundrecorders and captured sounds from around the MAC.

In a later session we were asked to try and use sound as a way of describing the essence of something. I liked my watery recordings so I tried to piece them together in a way which represented the brook that runs by the MAC. The synth line was recorded in logic as was the faint synth “wobble” in the background. The church organ sound was created by me playing a line on a sampled trumpet, sloooooowing it right down, gating and reverbing it. I tried to get a slow, languid vibe, like you are just drifting along like a twig in the current.

I’ve posted it up here

I’ve also posted it on soundcloud (, my username is noimspartacus and I’ve called the track bournebrook, I’m not sure if that’s the name of the river but it’s also a little injoke about my line of work. 🙂