For session 3 we went out with our soundrecorders and captured sounds from around the MAC.

In a later session we were asked to try and use sound as a way of describing the essence of something. I liked my watery recordings so I tried to piece them together in a way which represented the brook that runs by the MAC. The synth line was recorded in logic as was the faint synth “wobble” in the background. The church organ sound was created by me playing a line on a sampled trumpet, sloooooowing it right down, gating and reverbing it. I tried to get a slow, languid vibe, like you are just drifting along like a twig in the current.

I’ve posted it up here

I’ve also posted it on soundcloud (, my username is noimspartacus and I’ve called the track bournebrook, I’m not sure if that’s the name of the river but it’s also a little injoke about my line of work. šŸ™‚