I have posted another track I did this evening onto soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com and my user name is noimspartacus.)
I used an iphone app called Bebot (www.normalware.com) and recorded it through audiomulch (www.audiomulch.com). Bebot is a cute little synth that produces theremin like tones. If you max out the echo settings you get some nice metallic squeals. I wanted to create something harsh and abrasive but the end result turned out more melodic (to my ears at least). It’ll still give you a headache but unfortunately won’t induce nose bleeds or loss of bodily functions.
Audiomulch is one of my favourite programs although it’s been a while since I used it last. It is very good for live manipulation of audio data and it can easily warp material into unrecognisable forms. You can download the program and try before you buy for a couple of months. It’s also a very unfussy vst host and pretty stable to boot.