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Sheep bothering

I set myself the challenge of composing a track just using one sample. I’ve posted the results of soundcloud.  The sample I used was an 8 second clip of some sheep bleating. . Everything you hear is the same sample run through granulizers, harmonic filters and timestretchers. The percussive sounds were created by running the sample through a vst effect – Slitch (which you can download for free from here  It’s not very musical but I was pleased that I managed to cobble something together without resorting to other samples or sound generators



I’ve uploaded a new track to soundcloud, Lament. It was a joint effort, the guitar was played by my copilot on the Slayer vst, a crusty old guitar vst. It was stretched and filtered to produce the background drone noise and then overlaid with various sound snippets from my sonic arts course.
The creepy speech was produced by chopping, pitch shifting and time stretching a sound file until it sounded suitably unearthly. This one is best played on headphones with the lights off and the doors locked.