Factory Floor played the Outside Stage and were very good. I was looking forward to seeing them after downloading their EP, I especially liked “A Wooden Box”. They kinda remind me a little like Suicide in their use of repetitive, niggling synth lines. Live they seemed to be even better, their tracks would morph from delay heavy post rock into insistent, pulsing disco/house/whatever you call music that makes you want to do the chicken head dance. They were very good, I’m interested to see how they evolve cuz at the moment they’ve tapped into an interesting vein. Click below to hear “A Wooden Box”.


After Factory Floor we squeezed into the Old Library to see Chrome Hoof. I swear with every set that place became exponentially more crowded. Also there was a pungent yeasty smell permeating the space which made me feel increasingly misanthropic. The band were kitted out in silver lame cowls, the Earth Kitt-like lead was in a chrome jumpsuit and their music was …pretty indescribable really. Each song was a melding of at least three different genres which seemed to make sense in a skewed, bugeyed way. Some prick got onto the stage at one point and proceeded to do some very naff naff dad dancing. there was no security to police the rammed-to-the gills venue so it was left for a pissed off guitarist to nudge him off stage after he outstayed his welcome. Good gig, bad venue, Supersonic need to consider using the Old Library for acts less likely to draw a crowd.