Hakan Lidbo sets musical World Record




This might be interesting – producer Hakan Labdo is attempting to set the world record for the greatest number of producers on one track. He’s posted a couple of 125bpm loops on Soundcloud and has asked people to submit 4bar loops around them. Click on the linky for more details. Just bought a new Kaosillator Pro today so I shall be fiddling with that and hope to post a review soon. First impressions are good, especially sweet is the ability for it to sample audio from any input (the iPad works a treat) and overdub it onto your own patterns. You can also connect another Kaossilator to it and play two patches at once…joy! The only downside so far is the build quality, the case is metal and has a pleasing weight to it, but the volume and program pots seem a little cheap and delicate in comparison. Anyhoo, enough waffle, I’ll endeavour to post a full review before the end of the week.