I seemed to have survived the last spring ATP hosted at Butlins Minehead. It’s a shame that they will just be offering the “Nightmare Before Christmas”  events in Winter, as the bright sunshine we had over the weekend made me feel very bright and healthy despite the diet of potnoodle and haribo. I would have posted some pics and videos, unfortunately I didn’t realise what a piss poor camera the iPhone has, so sorry.

I’m not a fan of Animal Collective (who were curating this year) but that’s not important as there is always a good variety of acts so it’s hard not to find something interesting. I was a little pissed of with the accomodation this year, we had a basic room, no shower just a bath and sink but no plug. Obviously Butlins were trying to imbue a little festival spirit by removing the option to wash, or maybe they were trying the Ryan air business model and are gonna start charging for toilet paper next. My chalet’s seem to be getting progressively crapper with each visit, I’m worried that next time I’ll book I’ll be given a wheelie bin and an empty milk bottle to piss in.

This year seemed to be a little quieter than previous one’s I’ve attended, I can’t remember queuing for any acts for the whole time I was there. For some reason the Main Stage wasn’t used at all, a shame really because having an extra venue may have allowed some of the acts (Lee Scratch Perry for example) to play a full set rather than the truncated one.

Before I talk about the acts I’d like to give a big shout out to Captain Underpants (whoever he may be). He was housed 5 – 6 chalets down from mine and he peaked far too early into the festival. For most of the festival he lay on his bed, windows and door open playing the same Revolting Cocks cd on repeat again and again and again. Most of the time he was comatose and dead to the world but once (late at night) I saw him sitting up on his bed in just his underpants (door and curtain open of course), glassy eyed and slack jawed.

Maybe it was actually some sort of performance art or Butlin’s budget version of  Big Brother. Or maybe he was lonely and just needed a hug.

"Yeh, the room's fine but any chance of a plug for the bath?"