I’m uploading half a dozen or so video clips from last weekend. I’ll also very quickly go over some of thne acts I saw on the final day. There wont be much detail because at this point in the festival my critical faculties had been somewhat compromised. I now realise that chewing gum and haribo are not foodstuffs conducive to optimal mental functioning. So….he here goes.

Oneohtrix Point Never – another static laptop performance, a bit meh to be honest. I didn’t really have the patience to see how it unfolded.

Atlas Sound – I was quite suprised when I played back the clip because it didn’t look like how I remembered the gig. I remember seeing Atlas Sound completely sillhouetted against beams of bright red light while he teased out beautiful songs from his guitar and loops.

Micachu and the Shapes – wonky guitar pop somewhat reminiscent of Elastica, Wire or The Raincoats. accompanied by toytown keyboard noises. Micachu’s guitar was ran through some sort of effects which pitched it down into a skronky tone. Interesting.

Ear PWR – at this point I freely admit that I was worse for wear. I enjoyed Ear PWR despite their lead singers flat, nasal vocals and awfully naff and twee lyrics. Even the sight of Dylan Booze and his ginger afro, pounding out of time rhythms on his drum kit like a kid peaking on tartrazine didn’t alert me to the fact I was watching a sherbet fuelled ADHD carcrash. My colleague Spooky Fruit dragged me protesting out of the gig before the end because he feared that I had lost my mind. Since the gig I’ve read reviews of Ear PWR which are mostly vitriol – that’s only made them more endearing to me. They’re crap and they know it but evenso I enjoyed their awful vision.


I caught the last half hour of Gang Gang Dance’s Set and have been kicking myself ever since that I didn’t see the whole set. They were blisteringly good – their last song kept crescendoing to ever high levels of insane funkiness.

Before calling it a day I saw Animal Collective who pretty much repeated the set from the night before. They were fantastic and set me to bed with a fuzzy glow and tinnitus.

Lee Scratch Perry

The Brothers Unconnected