After all these years I never realised PWEI’s Beaver Patrol was a cover…Still prefer the Poppies version.
PWEI are touring again, well Graham and Mary Mary (Lesbian Dopeheads on Mopeds) are gigging under that name. Apparently it is the 25th anniversary of Box Frenzy, I downloaded it the other week, expecting to find the music had aged very badly. To my cloth ears it still sounds good and puerile, Evelyn and Inside You sound suprisingly sweet and innocent, Beaver Patrol and Time to Get Ugly managed to induce a grin. There is No Love Between Us scratching and guitar samples still work well together although it is apparent now that it is more of an interesting idea than a fully formed song.
Anyhow, time to get in my Roll’s Royce Limousine (battered Skoda hatchback doesn’t have quite the same ring).