I was feeling a little fragile from the excesses of the night before. I wasn’t alone. Battles apologised for being hungover (at their afternoon show) but that wasn’t apparent in their playing. They had backing videos of their guest vocalists for the tracks off Gloss Drop and when they played Atlas they played a prerecorded vocal track. Not that matters, Atlas still sounds feckin awesome live.

I enjoyed Ice Cream’s wonky charm and Battles are amazingly disciplined in their performance. I was too frazzled to make their night show so I dunno whether they had Gary Numan sing live with them for My Machines.
Next for me were Nissenenmondai. I’ve seen them before at SUpersonic and was blown away by their drummer, she’s like Animal on Ritalin. They played Fan and Mirrorball and just as you thought they were ending on a protracted drum roll ending they powered up into another delerious trancey epic. There is something very “technoey” in their sound, especially the way sounds are slowly warped and modulated. It was a blistering performance, you couldn’t keep still. Here’s a few clips of them in action.

I had wanted to see Phil Manley Lifecoach as the stuff I’d heard had a nice tinge of Hallogallo about it with the driving Motorik rhythms and melodic guitar work. I walked into his performance at The Crazy Horse and a fairly harsh smudgy mess of frequencies and feedback. Not pleasant. This worked out well because it meant I got to The Field. I wasn’t planning on seeing them as the stuff I’d heard on record seemed to be a bit too slowly invariant for me. Live is a different matter, those hypnotic beats pack more of a bodily punch.

The Field

I felt duty bound to see Gary Numan, it would be rude not too. He’s a good performer, he can strike the poses and I’m glad he’s been recognised as influential. The music he’s doing now still has a large electronic component but the dominant sound is the chugga chugga of a downtuned guitar. I used to listen to a lot of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Cubanate in my youth but it’s a sound that doesn’t really appeal to me as much now. Of course everyone went mental when he played Cars.