Due to us having to spend the first couple of hours tring to sort out our accommodation, we missed Les Savy Fav opening the event. They were due to play again at the end of the night so we were not too worried. The first band we saw was Total Control. They reminded me a little bit of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. I only saw the first 3 songs as we wanted to see The Budos Band.

Total Control

Earlier we were speeding down the M5 listening to the Budos Band III on the stereo and their 70’s afro funk wigouts makes excellent driving music. Live they were an assorted bunch of New York hairies funkin’ the joint up. They blasted out a fantastic brew of rude parping brass, sinous bass, Hammond and relentless percussion. Excellent stuff, I hope I get a chance to see them again.

The Budos Band

Future Islands were next on the list. They consisted of a synth player, a bass player (Who looked like Guy Garvey with a ‘tash) and a singer with a very distinctive voice and performance style. He would grimace, mime pulling his face off, beating his chest and throwing himself around in anguish. Voice wise he sounds a little like Vic Reeves’s Club Singer. I guess he has a marmite effect on people. I loved it but I saw a few people shaking their heads. I would rather watch an emotional and impassioned performance like Future Islands’s than another glum techie nodding behind a laptop screen. Anyhow, here’s some clips of them pulling their still beating hearts out 🙂

Future Islands

After that we tried to see Holy Fuck but the queues were a bit off putting, so we ended the night with Les Savy Fav’s show………