After the trippiness of Roll the Dice I went to see The Junior Boys at the centre stage. I had a neck massage while listening to them and it really helped to get me back down to earth. I kinda undid all the good work by going into see Omar Souleyman. The place was jumping to a relentless drum pulse and Souleyman worked the crowd up into a frenzy. Bloody brilliant.

Factory Floor are another band I’ve seen before but this time they were feckin’ brutal. There was no let up as you were pounded with gallumphing drum patterns and unforgiving sour acid burps. Nik Kolk’s disembodied moans and sighs added to the disorientation. It was pretty full on – I was bouncing away when there was a commotion behind me. People were grimacing and their appeared to be a soiled pair of long johns or diapers on the floor. Oh and a strong smell of faeces. Classy.

Once Factory Floor finished I was too. I shambled back to my pit and started decompression back to reality.