I had a very late start to the day so missed some of the earlier acts. First one I saw was Orchestra of Spheres. They shambled on wearing a variety of LED adorned headwear and commenced a tribal freakout. I really enjoyed it but my colleague Spooky Fruit though I was having an EAR PWR moment. (He has a theory that as a music festival progresses, my musical faculties disintegrate, the proof of this is my stated enjoyment of EAR PWR at Animal Collective’s ATP). For the record I think OOTS were good, here’s a short clip so you can see for yourself.

We left early to catch Sun Ra Arkestra. It’s not really fair for me to comment on them as I have a strong aversion to jazz, needless to say it didn’t flick my switch. We had a short break before seeing Roll The Dice and that’s when things started to go really strange.