This track arose from this week’s assignment by the Disquiet Junto Soundcloud group. The brief was to pull four items out of the bin and use them to compose a soundtrack whilst avoiding using effects that rendered the samples unrecognisable. I’m enjoying these challenges as the restrictions force you to try avenues that you may normally pass over.

I used a pill bottle (beat), a coupon (pad), an empty bag of crisps (texture) and an empty can of tango (twangs and pops). I recorded loops of the can being crumpled and the ring pull pinged into iPad Garageband and the ran this through a KP3 and resampled it. The “beat” was made by sampling flicking and banging the pill bottle into an app called Werkbench (see next entry for a review) and then playing the resulting loop through filter and delay effects.

I am kinda pleased with the crackly texture the can crumpling gives although I know have a metal splinter in my thumb from a ring pull solo 😦 Please check out the disquiet junto group for the other entries, there’s some very interesting pieces uploaded.