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Silent Sounds

Hahaha- one of my Junto contributions got played on an internet radio show.

For the 30th Junto we were asked to record “silence” and then make it into a track.

Here’s my effort.

I recorded an audio track into Acid with an unconnected audio cable in the mic socket of my laptop. I got some clicks when the jack brushed against my wedding ring. I resampled the space between the clicks and amplified, filtered,stretched, squashed, gated and flanged them until I got something audible. I than ran it through Hourglass granulator to try and tame some of the instability and drop outs (only partially successful I’m afraid). I kept the clicks and jiggled them around a little.

The 30th Disquiet Junto project was the subject of an edition of At Water’s Edge (linky )

I highly recommend you stream / download as there are some fascinating, frightening and confounding pieces there. It’s best listened on a good set of cans at 3 am with the lights off. The conversation between tracks is stimulating too, a good rapport going on. It left me feeling I’d taken part in something special. If you’ve not done so already, make sure to check out the site and join in.


I’ve uploaded a few tracks over the last month.

Glossophobia was an entry into the 27th Disquiet Junto project. The mission was to create a track using the text instructions for the brief and nothing else. I decided to paste the Turkish text into a speech synthesizer and enjoyed playing around and warping the resultant voices but the time limit constraint on Junto submissions meant it ended up a bit too murky and unfocussed for my liking.

I tried “remixing” it, the result was Glossophiliac. I like how the speech synthesis sample becomes more natural sounding but I think in retrospect I could’ve hacked the last 2 minutes off the track.

Finally….ShitSummerTime Blues was me faffing around with thumbjam in my car whilst it tipped it down outside. Here in England we have had a truely abominable summer, it’s pretty much rained heavily since March, with the odd 4-5 days of respite. Damp, mouldy, grey weather. I don’t think you’re supposed to get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the summer but yechhh….those pregnant black clouds are sapping my yin.


Finally finally…..staying on a watery theme, for the 29th Junto project we had to compose a track using running water and enhancing it’s rythmic qualities. I filled up a washing up bowl and sampled it to death, pasted it into Acid and a KP3 and twiddled around until a rapidly expanding bladder got the better of me.


I don’t know why it took so long but I finally got an iPod. I’ve had other mp3 players but 4MB seems a bit meagre compared to 166MB. 

I’m ploughing through my CD collection, 55Gigs so far and still another 50% to go. After that I’ve got a coupla boxes of vinyl and an ottoman full of cassettes. The whole process has thrown up some surprises, tracks I’d forgotten, tracks I didn’t realise I had and albums I’d bought and wished I hadn’t (Korn… Fear Factory….horrible ugly music). 

The way iTunes categorises genres is curious, apparently I have more Jazz albums than Punk, more Easy Listening than Techno. Closer inspection reveals Monolake is tagged as easy listening and godspeed you! black emperor is categorised as Jazz rather than post rock.Orang is pop and Dead Can Dance is reggae. Hmmm.

The upside is that the shuffle function throws up some surprises, songs I’d forgotten but that were so associated with a particular place, situation or emotion that the memories take over and for a moment, I’m a sixteen year old kid again. PIL’s Flowers of Romance takes me back to Selectadisc in Nottingham, rummaging for records in dimly lit shops during my lunch breaks. I was such a priss it took me a fortnight to psyche myself up to take “Songs About Fucking” to the counter. I’m pretty sure I blushed – ahh the innocence of youth.