I don’t know why it took so long but I finally got an iPod. I’ve had other mp3 players but 4MB seems a bit meagre compared to 166MB. 

I’m ploughing through my CD collection, 55Gigs so far and still another 50% to go. After that I’ve got a coupla boxes of vinyl and an ottoman full of cassettes. The whole process has thrown up some surprises, tracks I’d forgotten, tracks I didn’t realise I had and albums I’d bought and wished I hadn’t (Korn… Fear Factory….horrible ugly music). 

The way iTunes categorises genres is curious, apparently I have more Jazz albums than Punk, more Easy Listening than Techno. Closer inspection reveals Monolake is tagged as easy listening and godspeed you! black emperor is categorised as Jazz rather than post rock.Orang is pop and Dead Can Dance is reggae. Hmmm.

The upside is that the shuffle function throws up some surprises, songs I’d forgotten but that were so associated with a particular place, situation or emotion that the memories take over and for a moment, I’m a sixteen year old kid again. PIL’s Flowers of Romance takes me back to Selectadisc in Nottingham, rummaging for records in dimly lit shops during my lunch breaks. I was such a priss it took me a fortnight to psyche myself up to take “Songs About Fucking” to the counter. I’m pretty sure I blushed – ahh the innocence of youth.