Another year, another Supersonic. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Birmingham’s best musical festival. There’s quite a varied line up this year so I shall try and sample as much as I can. I managed to drag my carcass to DIgbeth despite feeling knackered from work. Luckily I soon perked up. Whilst waiting for the bands to start I checked out the vinyl rally exhibit. It is the brain child of artist Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham, who incidentally provided one of the most memorable Supersonic 2005 performances when he “played” a piece of glass hooked up with piano mics). Imagine a multilevel scalextric composed of vinyl. A remote controlled care drives across the vinyl, controlled by whoever sits in the modified arcade driving cabs. The car has a camera which transmits a first person perspective to videomonitors and the driver can also alter the audio output using various knobs and filters. The result – well when I checked it out they appeared to have teething problems, the car seemed to have difficulty finding traction on the vinyl and would tend to flip over or get stuck. I’ll try again tonight and see if they’ve managed to get it working.