Hype Williams played The Warehouse and it was all rather disorientating. The venue was thick with dry ice and the strobes showed the silhouettes the singer (Inga) and the knobtwiddler (Dean) as well as an imperious Blonde aside a motor bike whose role it seems was to stand by a motorbike looking imperious. I’m finding it hard to describe the music which had elements of grime, lofi, r n b and even noise. Thanks to the dry ice the music sounded disembodied, haunted and strangely unsettling. For music with quite a dancey element it lent to an introverted head space. No actual footage I’m afraid. partly because it would be pointless trying to capture anything in the fug and partly cuz I got so absorbed in the music and didn’t bother recording.

I see from the Supersonic programme and interviews online they’ve been likened to Throbbing Gristle, and I can see the similarities, not only in the disorientating and slightly queasy melange of audio and visual but there seems to be a philosophy behind it all, albeit one too opaque for me to decipher