Well, the good news is that the iTeleport app is really easy to set up by following the support pages step by step instructions.
It connected first time and bob’s your uncle, there’s my desktop on my iPad. I launched FLStudio. The screen refresh was a little bit laggy but I expected that. I tapped out a pattern, pressed play and…..nothing. The app doesn’t stream audio!
Either I’ve missed something in the set up or the guy in the YouTube video is sitting next to his desktop computer and picking the sound up from that, which is a bit of a swizz.
I suppose you could use the app to control a vst but the lag between your movements and the output would make it a clumsy way of playing. You’d be better off sticking with a midi controller or using a dedicated app which transmits midi or osc.
On a plus side you can run flash on the iPad. I pointed my browser at canabalt but again, the lagginess makes it difficult to play any action games. I was able to play mahjong and card games ok but total war on my iPad is still a pipe dream.
The other selling point of iteleport is that you can access your documents from your pc, but you can do that if you use drop box or google documents.