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Compost Corner

This track arose from this week’s assignment by the Disquiet Junto Soundcloud group. The brief was to pull four items out of the bin and use them to compose a soundtrack whilst avoiding using effects that rendered the samples unrecognisable. I’m enjoying these challenges as the restrictions force you to try avenues that you may normally pass over.

I used a pill bottle (beat), a coupon (pad), an empty bag of crisps (texture) and an empty can of tango (twangs and pops). I recorded loops of the can being crumpled and the ring pull pinged into iPad Garageband and the ran this through a KP3 and resampled it. The “beat” was made by sampling flicking and banging the pill bottle into an app called Werkbench (see next entry for a review) and then playing the resulting loop through filter and delay effects.

I am kinda pleased with the crackly texture the can crumpling gives although I know have a metal splinter in my thumb from a ring pull solo 😦 Please check out the disquiet junto group for the other entries, there’s some very interesting pieces uploaded.


More linkies to my Soundcloud. Singularity was a project set by the Disquiet Junto group to create a palindromic drone using no more than 5 samples from a selection of 20.
I took a didgeridoo sample and ran it through Paulstretch with a sliding, slowly accelerating stretch. It was mixed with copies with various internal effects applied such as pitch mixing and filtering.
On a side note Paulstretch is an amazing piece of software. I love it! It’s fascinating how slowing audio down to extreme levels produces some beautiful sounds and serendipitous sonic artefacts.
The resulting drone was overlaid with a bottle sample, raised an octave and run through a wah wah effect and a slide whistle sample lowered an octave. The project set a 5 day time limit which was a good incentive
to cobble something together without getting overly anal about tweaking and editing.

Disease Vector was a little doodle created by running a sample of a Reaktor synth through Hourglass, a granular synth. This is a interesting piece of freeware which warps your audio into crunchier new textures
(I find it a damn sight more usable than Sirenaudios Generative granular effect). The bass noises were a thumbjam bass guitar line undergoing extreme stretching and the drums came from the ims-20 iPad app.

I’ve posted a track up onto soundcloud. I was messing around with choir patches on the CMDune synth (nice cover mounted freebie from Computer Music magazine). I then started messing around with a random (ish) selection of samples from my hard drive and a field recording of a mass from Hope you enjoy…..

Red Radio Pillar

Here are my latest efforts, Red Door was created on an iPad running FLStudio which was then run through a KP3. It was done very quickly (2 hours start to finish) but it gives you an idea how easy it is to sketch a basic idea on FLMobile and then play around with it on the Kaoss pad.

Red Door

Radio Oguna is me indulging in extreme timestretching (again). This particular track was created on Acid pro and various iPad apps (animoog is in there somewhere but deformed out of all recognition)

Radio Oguna

And finally……Pillars ov Creation. The synth sounds come from animoog on the iPad, this time their a bit more recognisible 🙂

Pillars ov Creation

Ear Burps

I thought I’d link a couple of tracks I’ve posted up on Soundcloud.
Dreadfruit was me and Spookyfruit faffing around ijn real time with a Kaossilator and Thumbjam. We were in our chalet at Nightmare Before Christmas, it was a sunday afternoon and we were feeling a bit fragile. We actually did three or more tracks but this was the most palatable, mainly cuz I didn’t start wigging out on the noise generators and slathering everything with feedback and harsh frequencies.


Wring is me on a kaossilator and iKaossilator, it is a pretty accurate rendition of the state of my cranium after 3 days of music, sleep deprivation and menthol chewing gum 🙂



Supersonic 2011 starts on Friday – woohoo!
I was a little disgruntled that zu93 pulled out because of illness but I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the CutHands set. The album is one on my favourites this year, pounding tribal drums, shredding high frequencies and a nice sense of unease and dread. It’s great if you’re a fan of Whitehouse (some of the tracks are from Racket, Birdseed and Astheticists) and it’s great if you’re not. I’m intrigued to see how it works live, hopefully it’ll be more than William Bennett standing behind a Macbook.
Anyhoo, I’ll shall post up piccies, reviews and viddies after the event. In the meantime I shall leave you with another piece of electronic noodlery. Enjoy (or not, I won’t take it personally 🙂 )



New track on soundcloud….. 🙂


I’ve uploaded a track up onto soundcloud, it was done by me jamming along with a Kaossilator pro and a generative music app for the iPad / iPod called soundzen.
Soundzen is similar to a lot of online flash applications and although very basic you can generate some very pleasing patterns.
It comes with 4 free soundsets and you can purchase extra sounds such as guitar by an in app purchase (69p in the UK)



Not Dead Yet

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but a combination of work and other commitments have put a serious drain on my spare time.
I’ve also just got back from my hols so I’m gonna post something about that later.
In the interim here’s a link to my latest on soundcloud.
It was made entirely out of just two samples, one of me jamming on thumbjam and one from a reaktor ensemble. They were fed into audiomulch and stretched, squashed and fxed into something new.

A Tension



I set out to make a jungle track but took my brief too literally, so no frenetic 160bpm brakbeats but plenty of monkey screams courtesy of fauna vst synth.