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Pineal Tweaking

Another new track – this time using bebot, audacity and soundstretch.
I can’t really explain what was going through my head at the time – I was just trying to capture a particular state of mind :0)

The sample at the beginning and end was the old ATV ident from the 70’s, back from the days when there were only 3 channels, test cards and a midnight curfew.
It’s on soundcloud if you want to have a listen.


Session 2

For the second session of the sonic arts course we were given some sound recorders and went around the MAC recording little snippets of sound. We then downloaded them into Logic and started cutting and filtering them. I manipulated and arranged them together into an audio editor. I uploaded the result here ; .

I recorded door slams, keys and running taps among other things, snipped, reversed and pitch shifted. No other samples were used other than the dozen or so I recorded.

The harmonic drone was created by running the original arrangement of snippets into soundstretch and bouncing down different versions, eg one using the harmonics filter, one using the frequency shifter and one using the pitch shifter (down 5 semitones). These were then mixed together in an audio editor.

It sounds better with headphones on and lights off 🙂

I’ve uploaded another mp3 – go to , join and go to files to download.

I fed a sample of a synth line (the untreated loop can be heard fading in from the 25 second mark). It produced a really nice rolling, wave like ambience so I added a short loop of beach sounds from and arranged them in a sample editor to fade them in and out.