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GY!BE were the main draw for the festival, they played 3 times over the weekend. I’ve got their albums and EPs and they’re rather magnificent. Live, they recreate that urgent, stirring sense of cataclysm. However, in a close to two hour set the dynamic of slow start and an invetible build up to a symphonic crescendo became a little blugeoning and repetitive. They sounded amazing but there were no suprises or mystery to their performance 😦

The last act I saw was Tim Hecker. Tim layered loops with really, earth trembling sub bass oscillations. Your whole body vibrated while your ears were caressed with softer, musical movements. The experience was pleasantly physical and stimulating, it’s an experience well worth seeking out if you get the chance to see him perform.

Tim Hecker – Apondalifa


These were the first act saw. They were ferociously loud, and I enjoyed their skronky rubbery rhythms. For a band that basically stood behind desks they were visually stimulating as they pounded out their racket.

Just got back from the ATP weekend curated by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Not suprisingly I had a great time, despite being billetted in a rather grotty, run down part of the site. Not so much a festival site, it was more like an abandoned Soviet labour camp.
I was looking forward to see Throbbing Gristle, an all time favourite group of mine. Unfortunately a few weeks ago Genesis announced he was no longer touring but it looked like they would still play under the moniker of X-TG. Even sadder news was Peter Christopherson passing away in his sleep last week. Needless to say the show did not go ahead. Instead the organizers played Throbbing Gristle tracks on the Pavillion PA at the time slot they would have played. It was sad to hear their music whilst the stage remained empty and unlit.