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William Bennett and Cut Hands

I had a little bit of a late start for Sunday’s Supersonic. I went to the Q and A session with William Bennett talking about Cut Hands and his contribution to Vice Magazine’s Guide to Liberia. I admire William Bennett for his singular vision and the fact that he does not try and mollify his critic’s unease at most of Whitehouse’s content. William was charming, erudite and intelligent and his talk served as a tasty appetizer for his set. He invited questions from the audience. One chap asked a question along the lines of “Up until the last few years you have been persona non grata among the music press, why do you think they are now coming around to your work?”- WB – “Because.” You don’t get more succinct than that I guess. The Cut Hands music melded well with the documentary subject matter, there is a palpable sense of powerful horror suffusing the music, I find it unsettling but energising at the same time.
Later on Senor Bennett played a short set in the Old Library venue. It was a laptop performance, although DJ Bennett threw in some nifty twirls and finger dancing. He played a few tracks from the Cut Hands lp plus some (very good) new material. The furious percussion and shredding noise delivered a powerful gut punch and the accompanying visuals of spectacularly foam flecked deleriants induced a hypnotic head space. Highly recommended if you get a chance to see this live.



Supersonic 2011 starts on Friday – woohoo!
I was a little disgruntled that zu93 pulled out because of illness but I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the CutHands set. The album is one on my favourites this year, pounding tribal drums, shredding high frequencies and a nice sense of unease and dread. It’s great if you’re a fan of Whitehouse (some of the tracks are from Racket, Birdseed and Astheticists) and it’s great if you’re not. I’m intrigued to see how it works live, hopefully it’ll be more than William Bennett standing behind a Macbook.
Anyhoo, I’ll shall post up piccies, reviews and viddies after the event. In the meantime I shall leave you with another piece of electronic noodlery. Enjoy (or not, I won’t take it personally 🙂 )