I thought I’d start by posting about my first ATP – easily the best festival I’ve ever attended.

The site was smaller than I imagined but the chalets were clean, comfortable and just right for an avowed tentophobe. Having your own toilet was also godsend, I was saved from the horrorshow that you usually endure at Festival pissoirs.

The staff deserve a mention, friendly and helpful, even the security were laid back.

Bands in chronological order.

Broadcast – I’d seen them before and not really warmed to them but their ATP appearence was a perfect start to my weekend. Lots of Radiophonic Workshop analogue weirdness and Trish Keenan’s ethereal¬† crooning. Apparently she wasn’t happy with the sound but I found the whole music and slideshow very immersive.

After a pot noodle and various refreshments we went on to see Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Iggy was a consummate show man and the music was loud and dumb and chugged along at a fair pace.

It was an enjoyable spectacle but a little one dimensional, I shook my ass (slightly) but I found my mind wandering a little too often.

Next up was Shonen Knife. Wow! I had a rictus grin for the whole gig. They were fast, fast, fast and rocked like a beast. I think they sang a paeon to bananas and barbecues and knocked out a tight cover of Jet.

I staggered in to one more gig but for the life of me can’t remember anything of note about them. I think they were called the o sees but I’m not sure. Not really a glowing review is it?

Stay tuned for day 2