The Disquiet Junto is a weekly challenge posted from

You are given an assignment to make a piece of music within a 4 day deadline and usually with some sort of restriction or methodology applied. It’s been great over the years finding new ways of generating noise. One of the regular assignments is that the first challenge of the New Year is to record an ice cube swirling around a glass and to make something of it.


These are my submissions from over the year. Each year I’ve used the same sample but processed it in slightly different ways.

the first year I used Samplr to slow down the sample and fed it through Impaktor which led to the metallic dripping noise.

The second year Samplr was reused but WoW and iDensity were used for the other sounds.

Last year I used a numerology patch to generate an accompanying rhythm for the cube rattling.

Finally for this year I used the Reaktor ensemble Flesh to generate a beat, bass and pad accompaniment for the noise.