KK Null was on stage whilst Lash Frenzy was torturing his guitar to the side of a packed audience. Add strobing, clouds of dry ice and deep, pulsing bass frequencies that really pushed some air and made your body quiver like a jelly and you got complete sensory overload. I talked to one of the barman afterwards and he told me how confused and distressed faces would just loom out of the fog , mouthing inaudible requests for booze. I lasted 20 minutes before my lack of earplugs began to jeopardise my hearing. Trying to get out of the venue was a trial in itself due to only one exit next to where Lash Frenzy was playing, and too many people crammed into too little space. We escaped to the theatre space where David Stubbs made some interesting points about why abstract music has not made the same inroads into popular consciousness as abstract art has. I liked Brian Duffy’s idea about how we are hardwired to Western Tuning and anything that strays to far from this is perceived as uncomfortably dissonant.