The BBC are hosting an experiment to test the nation’s musicality. It’s well worth giving it a spin if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare.

If you want to compare scores I scored 73% (high) for enthusiasm, no surprises there.

For musical perception I scored 48% (medium) – again, no surprises, I have tin ears 🙂

Emotional connection score was 70% (medium) – I thought I would have scored higher than this. Music tends to have a very powerful visceral and emotional effect on me, both good and bad. “Bad music”, music devoid of warmth, feeling or meaning, yer average X-factor karaoke crapola or anything by 50 cent, makes me feel nauseous, and I’m not talking metaphorically. I find obvious autotuning causes a knot in my windpipe and the same reaction as tinfoil on a filling, or eating a cake that’s still frozen in the middle.

Musical curiosity score was 90% (high) 🙂

On the tests I scored 1 out of 4 in musical grouping, 12 out of 16 for match the beat, tap to the beat 4 high, 4 medium and 1 low. Memory melody was 7 /12.

Have fun!