Click above for a short obituary on the sadly missed Peter Christopherson. Cosey Fanni Tutti speaks a little about the reactions that Throbbing Gristle were trying to provoke, it’s worth a listen just to remember what an amazing group they were, Persuasion, Discipline, Slug Bait, Very Friendly still send shivers down my spine.

David Keenan’s “Englands Hidden Reverse” was a fascinating history of Coil, Nurse with Wound and Current 93 – it also came with a cd with pieces from all the above. (Just checked amazon and 2nd hand copies are going for £150 – £350 🙂

Also worth seeking out is “Wreckers of Civilisation” by Simon Ford (a much more affordable £16.96) which charts the evolution of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and the emergence of industrial and noise music. Highly recommended.