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Silent Sounds

Hahaha- one of my Junto contributions got played on an internet radio show.

For the 30th Junto we were asked to record “silence” and then make it into a track.

Here’s my effort.

I recorded an audio track into Acid with an unconnected audio cable in the mic socket of my laptop. I got some clicks when the jack brushed against my wedding ring. I resampled the space between the clicks and amplified, filtered,stretched, squashed, gated and flanged them until I got something audible. I than ran it through Hourglass granulator to try and tame some of the instability and drop outs (only partially successful I’m afraid). I kept the clicks and jiggled them around a little.

The 30th Disquiet Junto project was the subject of an edition of At Water’s Edge (linky http://www.rebekkahhilgraves.com/at-waters-edge-4-august-2012-sounds-in-silence/ )

I highly recommend you stream / download as there are some fascinating, frightening and confounding pieces there. It’s best listened on a good set of cans at 3 am with the lights off. The conversation between tracks is stimulating too, a good rapport going on. It left me feeling I’d taken part in something special. If you’ve not done so already, make sure to check out the http://www.disquiet.com site and join in.


I’ve uploaded a few tracks over the last month.

Glossophobia was an entry into the 27th Disquiet Junto project. The mission was to create a track using the text instructions for the brief and nothing else. I decided to paste the Turkish text into a speech synthesizer and enjoyed playing around and warping the resultant voices but the time limit constraint on Junto submissions meant it ended up a bit too murky and unfocussed for my liking.

I tried “remixing” it, the result was Glossophiliac. I like how the speech synthesis sample becomes more natural sounding but I think in retrospect I could’ve hacked the last 2 minutes off the track.

Finally….ShitSummerTime Blues was me faffing around with thumbjam in my car whilst it tipped it down outside. Here in England we have had a truely abominable summer, it’s pretty much rained heavily since March, with the odd 4-5 days of respite. Damp, mouldy, grey weather. I don’t think you’re supposed to get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the summer but yechhh….those pregnant black clouds are sapping my yin.


Finally finally…..staying on a watery theme, for the 29th Junto project we had to compose a track using running water and enhancing it’s rythmic qualities. I filled up a washing up bowl and sampled it to death, pasted it into Acid and a KP3 and twiddled around until a rapidly expanding bladder got the better of me.


Compost Corner

This track arose from this week’s assignment by the Disquiet Junto Soundcloud group. The brief was to pull four items out of the bin and use them to compose a soundtrack whilst avoiding using effects that rendered the samples unrecognisable. I’m enjoying these challenges as the restrictions force you to try avenues that you may normally pass over.

I used a pill bottle (beat), a coupon (pad), an empty bag of crisps (texture) and an empty can of tango (twangs and pops). I recorded loops of the can being crumpled and the ring pull pinged into iPad Garageband and the ran this through a KP3 and resampled it. The “beat” was made by sampling flicking and banging the pill bottle into an app called Werkbench (see next entry for a review) and then playing the resulting loop through filter and delay effects.

I am kinda pleased with the crackly texture the can crumpling gives although I know have a metal splinter in my thumb from a ring pull solo 😦 Please check out the disquiet junto group for the other entries, there’s some very interesting pieces uploaded.

More linkies to my Soundcloud. Singularity was a project set by the Disquiet Junto group to create a palindromic drone using no more than 5 samples from a selection of 20.
I took a didgeridoo sample and ran it through Paulstretch with a sliding, slowly accelerating stretch. It was mixed with copies with various internal effects applied such as pitch mixing and filtering.
On a side note Paulstretch is an amazing piece of software. I love it! It’s fascinating how slowing audio down to extreme levels produces some beautiful sounds and serendipitous sonic artefacts.
The resulting drone was overlaid with a bottle sample, raised an octave and run through a wah wah effect and a slide whistle sample lowered an octave. The project set a 5 day time limit which was a good incentive
to cobble something together without getting overly anal about tweaking and editing.

Disease Vector was a little doodle created by running a sample of a Reaktor synth through Hourglass, a granular synth. This is a interesting piece of freeware which warps your audio into crunchier new textures
(I find it a damn sight more usable than Sirenaudios Generative granular effect). The bass noises were a thumbjam bass guitar line undergoing extreme stretching and the drums came from the ims-20 iPad app.

Drones and Groans

(Belated) happy 2011. I’ve uploaded a couple of new tracks. Ecklefleq is a droney piece stitched together from offcuts from last year’s projects and chickenskank is … i dunno what I was thinking at the time, it started of as me trying to create a slow dub step piece and ended up becoming a barnyard oddity instead.