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Ear Burps

I thought I’d link a couple of tracks I’ve posted up on Soundcloud.
Dreadfruit was me and Spookyfruit faffing around ijn real time with a Kaossilator and Thumbjam. We were in our chalet at Nightmare Before Christmas, it was a sunday afternoon and we were feeling a bit fragile. We actually did three or more tracks but this was the most palatable, mainly cuz I didn’t start wigging out on the noise generators and slathering everything with feedback and harsh frequencies.


Wring is me on a kaossilator and iKaossilator, it is a pretty accurate rendition of the state of my cranium after 3 days of music, sleep deprivation and menthol chewing gum 🙂



Not Dead Yet

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but a combination of work and other commitments have put a serious drain on my spare time.
I’ve also just got back from my hols so I’m gonna post something about that later.
In the interim here’s a link to my latest on soundcloud.
It was made entirely out of just two samples, one of me jamming on thumbjam and one from a reaktor ensemble. They were fed into audiomulch and stretched, squashed and fxed into something new.

A Tension