Been fiddling with vsts and iPad apps to make some tracks, here’s a selection of the results. (if you can’t view them on your device go to and search for noimspartacus.)

This track was made using a freebie app call toplapapp , which apparently is an instructional synthesis engine. You’re given an empty grid with sliders and six letters which can be dragged into the grids to produce different fx and modulations. Adjusting the sliders has different effects depending on the letter and grid position. It basically ends up simulating the noise of a zx spectrum being microwaved in a bath of caustic soda – nice.
Different combinations of letters produce harsh squawks, ball bearing rhythmic patterns and squealing tones. It’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose by downloading it.

Niggling was made using a freebie from a Computer Music cover disc, a vst effect called slip n’ slide. It mangles audio data – I don’t pretend to understand exactly how but I like the results.

Finally we have myluckyblue suit – not a lot to say about this other than it’s rough cuz I had less than two hours to create it from scratch. The title has little to do with the actual track, I didn’t have a title in mind when I uploaded it so I just used the punchline of a very bad, tasteless joke. Enjoy!