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Roll The Dice – Way Out


I regret making the decision to ditch my video camera. AT this stage in the festival there was a great party atmosphere. I was feeling relaxed and buzzing off the music from the last three days. I’d had some mild visual synaesthesia while watching Nissenenmondai the night before but I wasn’t expecting what happened when I went to see Roll the Dice.
They were two Swedes hunched over a modular synth set up. They played behind a gauzy back cloth which had images and shadows projected over it. I’d say there music is more hypnotic than danceable but I found myself swaying to it as it built up to a climax. The music was slow moving and eerie. Before long I started to feel little electric shocks coursing through my muscles. I found myself being really drawn into the music and felt my heart pounding as tingling waves rippled up my legs into my chest. If I was religious I would have said I had a spiritual experience. Someone asked me if I was ok cuz I guess I must of looked like I was tripping out, fair enough I probably was in a very altered state. I found it really difficult to verbalise just how awesome the music was I probably came across as some acid casualty. Needless to say this was my highlight of the festival – apologies to anyone who was weirded out by the sight of a middle aged beardy bloke apparently off his tits on something illegal.
I don’t have any footage of Roll The Dice from that night but here’s a clip from another show to give you an idea of what they are like.

(edit: I thought I would play RTD’s last record in the car as I went out for a drive. That was a big mistake. When “way out” came on I started feeling body waves again, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth and I felt weirdly euphoric. I definitely need to be careful playing this in the car.)