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Session 2

For the second session of the sonic arts course we were given some sound recorders and went around the MAC recording little snippets of sound. We then downloaded them into Logic and started cutting and filtering them. I manipulated and arranged them together into an audio editor. I uploaded the result here ; .

I recorded door slams, keys and running taps among other things, snipped, reversed and pitch shifted. No other samples were used other than the dozen or so I recorded.

The harmonic drone was created by running the original arrangement of snippets into soundstretch and bouncing down different versions, eg one using the harmonics filter, one using the frequency shifter and one using the pitch shifter (down 5 semitones). These were then mixed together in an audio editor.

It sounds better with headphones on and lights off 🙂


I’ve uploaded another mp3 – go to , join and go to files to download.

I fed a sample of a synth line (the untreated loop can be heard fading in from the 25 second mark). It produced a really nice rolling, wave like ambience so I added a short loop of beach sounds from and arranged them in a sample editor to fade them in and out.

Sound Stretch

I hope this works…..

I’ve uploaded an mp3 onto yahoo groups, you can find it here

Just go to the files then click on the audio folder and download ghostly breath.

I did it on soundstretch, a great little piece of open source code which allows you to do extreme sound stretching and shrinking. You feed an audio file into it, tinker with the settings and you can get some really eerie and interesting evolving pad sounds.

You can download soundstretch here

I fed in a very short audio clip (a groan) and altered the pitch as well as stretching it to the three minute mark. The harmonica and bass lines were played (slackly) on ImageLines Sytrus synth.

The piece is rough and unedited and not the finished product.

I then fed part of it back into soundstretch and got another interesting sound, a rising crescendo drone (crescendo).

I’m currently trying to compose a complete piece by reprocessing a single hit again and again and chopping it up and rearranging it an audio editor.

I thought I’d start by posting about my first ATP – easily the best festival I’ve ever attended.

The site was smaller than I imagined but the chalets were clean, comfortable and just right for an avowed tentophobe. Having your own toilet was also godsend, I was saved from the horrorshow that you usually endure at Festival pissoirs.

The staff deserve a mention, friendly and helpful, even the security were laid back.

Bands in chronological order.

Broadcast – I’d seen them before and not really warmed to them but their ATP appearence was a perfect start to my weekend. Lots of Radiophonic Workshop analogue weirdness and Trish Keenan’s ethereal  crooning. Apparently she wasn’t happy with the sound but I found the whole music and slideshow very immersive.

After a pot noodle and various refreshments we went on to see Iggy Pop and the Stooges. Iggy was a consummate show man and the music was loud and dumb and chugged along at a fair pace.

It was an enjoyable spectacle but a little one dimensional, I shook my ass (slightly) but I found my mind wandering a little too often.

Next up was Shonen Knife. Wow! I had a rictus grin for the whole gig. They were fast, fast, fast and rocked like a beast. I think they sang a paeon to bananas and barbecues and knocked out a tight cover of Jet.

I staggered in to one more gig but for the life of me can’t remember anything of note about them. I think they were called the o sees but I’m not sure. Not really a glowing review is it?

Stay tuned for day 2