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More linkies to my Soundcloud. Singularity was a project set by the Disquiet Junto group to create a palindromic drone using no more than 5 samples from a selection of 20.
I took a didgeridoo sample and ran it through Paulstretch with a sliding, slowly accelerating stretch. It was mixed with copies with various internal effects applied such as pitch mixing and filtering.
On a side note Paulstretch is an amazing piece of software. I love it! It’s fascinating how slowing audio down to extreme levels produces some beautiful sounds and serendipitous sonic artefacts.
The resulting drone was overlaid with a bottle sample, raised an octave and run through a wah wah effect and a slide whistle sample lowered an octave. The project set a 5 day time limit which was a good incentive
to cobble something together without getting overly anal about tweaking and editing.

Disease Vector was a little doodle created by running a sample of a Reaktor synth through Hourglass, a granular synth. This is a interesting piece of freeware which warps your audio into crunchier new textures
(I find it a damn sight more usable than Sirenaudios Generative granular effect). The bass noises were a thumbjam bass guitar line undergoing extreme stretching and the drums came from the ims-20 iPad app.



Here’s a link to a mixtape by Capsule to promote this years Supersonic festival. I’ve been going since 2005, I was all psyched up to see Psychic TV headline when the gig had to be evacuated because of a hoax bomb threat (this was around the time of the Tube bombings so people were twitchy). One consolation was that I got to meet Genesis P. Orridge and he kindly signed my program with eye liner. I’ve seen so many great sets over the years, Modified Toy Orchestra, Nissenenmondai, King Midas Sound System, Hallogallo….watching the floor clear when Fucked Up’s Father Damien jumped off the stage and started cartwheeling and slamming beer cans in his head, Michael Gira (solo and stripped down) and in full apocalyptic mode with Swans.

If you’ve never sampled the delights of Supersonic it’s a compact 3 day weekender where you can experience noise, various flavours of metal, stoner jams, gothic folk and smurf electronica. Supersonic is the only festival I’ve been to where you can see a man chewing a glass sheet connected to contact mikes (Justice Yelland (sp?)) There’s usually a few art installations and projects going on as well as a program of films and talks, past participants include Mark Pilkington, Nick Bullen and WIlliam Bennet.

There’s always a good selection of record and merchandise stalls and the catering is better than most music venues. Seriously, if you’ve never been and you can get to Birmingham get a ticket now!