Weird Al Yankovic – Jesus Christ, what a strange billing. Obviously Weird Al has made some pact with Satan to remain youthful and unaged. Unfortunately, as penance, Al has made it his mission to inflict his one joke musical parodies on the world. The show started promising with a video mashup of American TV and a brake neck polka medley of chart songs. When it came to his pastiches, they consisted of the pretty weak formula of substituting a word in the title with something amusing, or not depending on your state of misanthropy. Much like the Barron Knights did in the 70s. Classy.
I remember watching The Two Ronnies in the early 80s doing a skit on Culture Club. Ronnie Corbett, an even less convincing transvestite than Grayson Perry, minced around singing “Do You Really Want to Squirt Me?”. That in a nutshell was the level of sophistication of Weird Als humour. I think I lasted half hour before coming to my senses and realising that life is too short to waste on this shit sandwich.